Floor Cleaning: Cotton Mops VS Microfiber String Mops

Cotton and microfiber have become the fabrics of choice for much of the cleaning industry.

When we think of a mop, we usually picture a large cotton mop with a bucket full of water sitting next to it. Whether you own a cleaning business or purchase commercial cleaning supplies for your facility, it helps to know the difference between a cotton rope mop and a microfiber mop.

If you are interested in purchasing a new cleaning mop and are unsure of which type to buy, we hope this article will be of some help to you as we briefly compare microfiber mops to cotton mops.


Cotton Mop

Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and gentle, making it the perfect cleaning tool choice. Cotton mops offer the following advantages.

1. Cotton being a gentle material, it is very important that cotton does not damage the surface you are cleaning. You can use a cotton string mop on almost any surface without worrying about damaging the floor.

2. Cotton mops are by far the best choice when you need to use chemicals or cleaners such as bleach.

3. Cotton floor mops help to absorb large amounts of liquid and are able to adequately secure the work head for cleaning work needs.

4. Affordable, easy to replace the cotton head, simple to operate, easy to save effort.

white cotton mop


Microfiber Cleaning Mop

Microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber. It consists of thousands of tiny fibers, which are used to break down dirt compared to cotton, which uses larger fibers. Microfiber mops offer the following advantages.

1. compared to cotton mops, cleaning microfiber mops are more absorbent, making them ideal for use when sweeping and mopping the floor.

2. Instead of pushing dirt, dust, mucus, hair, etc. around, the microfiber pad actually absorbs 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from the clean surface.

3. Microfiber mops don't shed lint easily and don't leave a mess no matter what.

4. Microfiber mops tend to be more ergonomic than traditional mops.
Blue Microfiber Mop with Stainless Steel Mop

Which Mop Is Easier to Use?

The ease of use of a mop is considered in different ways, such as maneuverability, portability, ease of wringing, and the size of the area to be cleaned.

If you have a lot of greasy spills to clean in the industry, a microfiber may not be the best choice, while a cotton mop will likely do a better job and be easier to use.


Which Mop Costs More?

Most people would consider a microfiber mop to be the more expensive option. Microfiber mops last longer, which means you don't have to worry about replacing them as often. A traditional cotton mop, on the other hand, will probably not be able to withstand as much washing as it could.

Consider the cost of the mop, depending on how you look at it. Of course, you also need to consider the total cost of cleaning, such as time, staffing, lost work, etc.



When it comes to choosing a mop for floor cleaning, there are benefits to each type of mop. Each type of mop comes in a variety of sizes and designs. To choose the right dust cleaning mop for your business or home, remember to consider a variety of aspects, such as floor material, the cleaning method, cleaning area, etc.

Whatever your situation and needs, you can find a cleaning mop that meets your needs if you do your research. Of course, you can also contact EZI and trust us to bring you the right cleaning tools.

Why Use the Microfiber Mop for Cleaning?

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber consists of thousands of tiny fibers and is an extremely fine synthetic fiber material.  
As the microfiber concept caught on, microfiber cleaning mops proved more effective than traditional cotton rope mops. Microfiber strands are much smaller than cotton, which means microfibers can get into all the nooks and crannies of the floor, whereas cotton floor mops can't.  

Microfiber floor mops can clean well and dry fast. Mopping is made of fine cotton yarn and ultrafine fiber, which is easy to wipe the dust between cracks and corners. Nowadays, many products also come with a card towel set, which can easily be fitted to wipe the floor using various used towels and to wipe glass and windows with special towels.  

Microfiber Cloth Floor Mop


Are Microfiber Mops Good for Cleaning?

In recent years, mops made of microfiber seem to be more popular.  For a long time, the use of traditional cotton ring mops for a wet mop is a common method of floor cleaning.  Unclean floors can have a huge impact on your health. Today, you need to purchase microfiber mops to ensure your floor space is clean. Here are some of the benefits of using cleaning microfiber mops:  
Blue Microfiber Mop with Stainless Steel Mop


1. Use Less Water and Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning wooden and other hard-surface floors, excessive water, and cleaning solutions should be avoided and microfibre mops use less water to clean than cotton mops. Microfibre mops are therefore the ideal choice.


2. Better Cleaning Effect

Woven from fine fibers, microfibers create an effective cleaning surface. The small size of the microfibre strands means that the microfibers can get into most nooks and crannies of the floor, helping to help you clean dead-end hygiene.

3. Easy to use  

Microfiber mops are now the cleaning tool of choice for many homes and businesses. Being lighter and more flexible than a mop and bucket combination, microfiber string mops make your cleaning process more enjoyable and can significantly reduce your cleaning time.  

Microfiber Terry Cloth Floor Mop


4. Save Money and Be Green  

Microfibre lasts longer and stands up to more frequent washing, and the benefit of using microfiber mops and mats is that you can reuse them. Over time, mops are replaced less frequently, which can save you a lot of money.  

5. Helps Reduce Pollution   

Microfibers are very fine mixtures that trap and hold bacteria, dust, and dirt in the actual fibers. Using microfiber mops helps reduce cross-contamination and can reduce the risk of injury while cleaning.  

Microfiber mops come in a variety of sizes and designs. If you've never used a microfiber mop, you'll be surprised at how well it cleans floors and how quickly and easily it can be done.  



To choose the best cleaning microfiber mop for your home, consider the type of flooring in your home. EZI is a professional cleaning appliance supplier, we believe that we can meet your needs for floor care. Contact EZI and we will provide you with shopping tips and advice on reliable mops.

Cost-effective Household Cleaning Tools in 2022

A clean and hygienic home environment makes life better and is good for our health.
But home cleaning is a headache that many people have to face, and choosing the right household cleaning tools can definitely make the job easier.

We all know about the common household cleaning tools such as brooms and mops. Do you know any others?
This article gives you a list of useful household cleaning tools that can help us do a better job of cleaning your houses.


1. Brooms & Dustpans

The broom dustpan is undoubtedly a common household cleaning tool, playing a role in sweeping away dust and debris.

Today's sweeping brooms are sensible and user-friendly, with the design of the broom taking more into account hygiene corners. As sweeping tends to stick to hair, dustpans with flowing combs are also becoming more popular.

You can choose household broom and dustpan sets for better storage after cleaning.

long handle broom and dustpan sets


2. Floor Cleaning Mop

Dust mops are mainly used to mop up dirt and water from floors. Nowadays mops are becoming more and more versatile.  Common types of floor mops are eco-friendly cotton mops, microfiber cleaning mops, cotton twist mops, floor wet mops, and many more.

Choosing the right squeegee mop will allow you to clean your floors better and will reduce your fatigue when cleaning them.
Eco-friendly Cotton Mop


3. Floor Squeegee Wipers

There are many floor squeegee with handles on the market, and floor squeegees are made of different materials to produce different cleaning results.

The floor and window squeegees need to be used regularly and to protect your floor, please remember to choose a flexible floor squeegee(such as rubber floor squeegee, silicone floor wiper squeegee).

cleaning floor wiper


4. Floor & Window Scrapers

A floor & window scraper is a tool with a small handle and a metal or plastic blade that can be used to scrape a surface clean.

The scraper is the perfect tool for scraping away debris from the surface of objects such as glass, cookers, kitchen countertops, granite, ceramic surfaces, and car windscreens in order to keep flat surfaces neat and clean.
Floor & Window Scrapers



5. Window Washing Squeegees

Window squeegee with handles is more convenient and handy than cleaning windows directly with a rag, and you can clean higher windows up.

EZI produces a microfiber squeegee consisting of a microfibre cloth, a softer rubber squeegee blade, and a stainless steel rod. The long handle window squeegees are freely adjustable, making cleaning quick, easy and comfortable.

window washing squeegees


6. Toilet Brush & Toilet Plunger

The toilet brush cleans the toilet in time and removes stains from the surface of the toilet to avoid residue.
The toilet plunger with plastic stick is designed to compress the toilet and drain at any angle to release blockages in the pipes.

Toilet Plunger


7. Other Household Cleaning Tools

In addition to the cleaning tools mentioned above, there are of course many other ways to help you clean your house better.
For example, hoovers, chicken dusters and cleaning solutions (detergent, toilet cleaner, lemonade, etc.) are all good helpers when you are cleaning.



It is essential to living in a clean environment, please don't avoid cleaning.
EZI is a professional cleaning tools manufacturer (industrial, household cleaning tools), contact EZI for more details on cleaning appliances and make cleaning less intimidating.


Best Cleaning Mop | Steps to Mop Your Floor Correctly

It is vital to keep the floor of your house clean. Cleaning and how to mop a floor is one of the essential things we do in our daily lives.

Sweeping and vacuuming will remove some of the dirt from your floors, but you will eventually need a floor cleaning mop. Mopping prevents dirt from building up and can give you a clean and healthy environment.

Mopping is a simple process, and here are 6 simple steps to help you do it right.


Step 1: The right cleaning mop is the best floor mop

Floor cleaning mops and cleaners are vital tools. Choosing the right dust mops for your home's floors is a good place to start.

There are many different types of dust cleaning mops: round cotton mop with handles (absorb a lot of water and need to be wrung out in a bucket), microfiber mop with stainless steel handles (great for almost all types of floors, especially for household and public cleaning), heavy-duty floor wet mop with big clip (great for heavy cleaning tasks), and gentle sponge mops (great for hardwood or laminate floors), etc.

Your choices are diverse, and which floor mop you want depends on the type of floor you have and the amount of effort you're willing to spend on this chore.


Step 2: Please remember to sweep the floor before mopping

If you neglect this step, then there is no point in mopping, you will just sweep all the dirt and hair to another place.

A floor cleaning mop head does not remove dirt and debris very well. You must do some preparation before you start mopping - cleaning the area will make things easier when you try to remove dirt and debris.  

Step 3: Use warm water and detergent for better results

Once you are ready to floor cleaning mop, you may choose to mix the detergent with warm water for better results. Soak the washable mop heads in the cleaner and start wiping the floor. You will repeat these steps each time you wipe a section until you find the entire floor is clean.

It is important to note that you should follow the cleaner instructions carefully to ensure the correct ratio of cleaner to water to avoid harming your floors.


Step 4: Soak and rinse your cleaning mop head

It's also important to soak and rinse your floor mop head when you're done with a wipe down. Rinse and wring your mop with water so you don't spread the dirt to other parts.

If you use a traditional mop, it's important to clean the cotton mop head. When your dust mop head becomes very rough, it is recommended to replace it promptly.  

Step 5: Air-drying your floor

After mopping the floor, you should open a window or door and let the floor air dry. To avoid the futility of what you are doing, also remember not to walk around repeatedly.


Step 6: Proper disposal of used floor cleaning mops

Leaving the dust mops in the bucket can cause odor and bacteria in the mop head because it is full of dirt. The most important thing is to clean the mop heads and let them dry completely before storing them.

Either way, this should not be overlooked. The undeniable fact is that the cleaner your dry mop heads are, the cleaner your floors will end up being.



Mopping can be a chore, but it's the necessary way you can have a clean floor and environment.

Mopping should be part of your cleaning routine and EZI offers high-quality cleaning mops (e.g. eco-friendly cotton mop, wood floor mop, microfiber dust mop, squeegee mop, floor wet mops, commercial dust mop, industrial dust mop, etc.). Whether it's that kind of mop, contact EZI and we'll provide the right option for you.


What Do You Know About Cleaning Mop Precautions?

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more varieties of cleaning mops on the market.

Dust mops can be classified according to material, mop head, function, and usage scenario.

The mops commonly used in daily life are cotton mops, microfiber mops, wet mops, flat mops & lobby mops, twisting mops, PVA magic mops, and so on.


What do you need to consider when choosing a mop?

Every family is different and everyone has different preferences, what suits you is the best.

In short, each floor cleaning mop has its own characteristics and there are 6 different types of popular cleaning mops that you can go for according to the applicable situation.

1. The mop is easy to wring out the moisture.
2. The material of the mop head has good water absorption performance.
3. The mop material does not adhere to dirt, which is conducive to cleaning the mop.
4. The mop does not shed debris and avoids secondary cleaning.
5. Choosing a mop that does not take up a lot of space for storage.
6. The handle of the mop is easy to pick up and put down, and it is not easy to rotate and fall off.
7. According to your needs to choose the best floor mop. (For example, you can choose a flat mop to clean the gaps in the furniture)


Blue Microfiber Mop with Stainless Steel Mop - 2177

How to handle the mop properly?

1. The mop must be cleaned in time after use.
2. Wrung out and placed in a ventilated place to avoid odors and bacteria.
3. With the use of floor cleaner (note that the right amount, otherwise it will affect the life of the mop.)
4. When there is hair on the mop, you can use a brush to help remove it or use tape to remove it when it is dry.
5. In order to keep the home clean and hygienic, the mop head is recommended to replace every two to three months.


Free Hand-Washing Twist Mop with S.S. Handle

Daily precautions for using the mop

We all know that the mop is one of the essential cleaning tools in our daily life, so how much do you know about the things to note about the mop?

1. Before mopping, it is recommended to sweep out the hair, dust, and other debris first, which will help to clean the floor better and extend the life of the mop.

2. Pay attention to the use of different types of mops, use the right method to improve the efficiency of mop use.

3. Use the mop to wipe the wood floor, try not to use the high water content of the mop (easy to cause the floor deformation fragile, shorten the life)

4. The dust mop is one of the cleaning utensils that are prone to dirt and should be cleaned promptly after using the mop.

5. Don't leave mops in a wet environment for a long time. When they are in a humid environment for a long time, bacteria will grow quickly.

6. Whether the mop head is cotton, or microfiber, not thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is easy to breed harmful substances.

7. It is recommended that after each use of the floor mops, wash it carefully with water, wring it out and dry it.

8. It is best to put your mop into a well-lit place, a full UV light for physical sterilization; if there is no balcony, or inconvenient to dry, it is also best to move to a dry and ventilated place first.  


The cleaning mop is usually used for cleaning, but we all tend to ignore that the mop itself also needs to be constantly cleaned. Proper and correct use of the mop can make the most of its function and extend its life.

EZI is a professional manufacturer of mops, brooms, and other cleaning tools. With our wide range of products, there is always something for you. We will be your ideal choice when it comes to choosing cleaning tools.


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