How to maintain moisture-proof and maintenance of the mop at home.

Now we all have mops in our homes, but do you know how to prevent moisture and repair mops?

The family is one of the main places of our daily life. A comfortable and tidy home environment is very important. The mop is a good helper for us, but the floor will be wet after the mop, especially in rainy weather. You can add a few tablespoons of salt to warm water. After the salt is fully dissolved, soak the mop in salt water, wring it out, and start mopping the floor. Warm salt water will evaporate faster than cold water, and the floor will dry faster.

Because the magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in table salt can absorb water and prevent water vapor from condensing on the ground, the mop will become small particles after absorbing water and drying, and the drying time will be prolonged. It needs to be understood clearly.

When repairing, you can use a common Phillips screwdriver to remove the pedal first, and then use the M4-M5 hexagonal internal buckle to remove the red big gear; then remove the rack, remove the damaged spring, and press the new spring to On the bayonet of the rack; then use needle-nose pliers or other tools to install the other end of the new spring on the other bayonet of the pedal; install the entire pedal after the big gear is installed.


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