What kinds of twisiting mop have and their respective characteristics

         The sponge twisiting mop is generally made of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) sponge to make the cleaning head of the twisiting mop. Generally, it has super water absorption capacity, which is ten times that of ordinary sponges. The operation is very convenient. You only need to clean it. Dip the rubber sponge in the water and pull a few pull-down levers to drain the sewage. After being placed, the rubber head can dry and harden naturally to prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition to cleaning the floor, this twisiting mop can also clean walls and ceilings.

   Superfine fiber material twisiting mop. This kind of twisiting mop has been very popular in the past two years. The twisiting mop head has subverted the traditional round head, and is generally designed with a flat plate, so that the bottom plate and the ground can be fully stressed. The mop is made of fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber, which is easy to wipe off the dust in the gaps and corners. At present, many products are equipped with card towels, which can be easily installed and used to wipe the floor with various waste towels, and can also be installed with special towels to wipe glass and windows.


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