Use and maintenance methods of cleaning tools | Window Wiper

1. Bucket: When using a bucket, the water level should be 2/3 of the height of the bucket. When walking, the bucket should maintain a 30-degree angle with the body. Be careful not to spill the water out of the bucket. When storing and using the bucket in winter, it should be between the bucket and the bucket. Insert a paper ball to prevent the plastic bucket from becoming brittle under the ground temperature. When storing, the iron bucket should be placed upside down on a wooden stick to prevent rust.

2. Flat shovel: When using a flat shovel, the flat shovel should maintain a 45-degree angle with the ground, and the shovel mouth should be used in reverse. When not in use, the shovel mouth should be wrapped with cloth to prevent the shovel from hurting people.

3. Scrubbing brush: When using the scrubbing brush, hold the middle of the scrubbing brush with your hand to avoid damaging your fingers when scrubbing items. After use, it should be cleaned and dried in the shade and not exposed to the sun to prevent dry, cracked bristles and aging of the brush handle.

4. Scouring pad: When using the scouring pad to wipe the wall, one side of the scouring pad should be folded to protect your hands, as it hurts your hands when wiping. After use, the scouring pad should be washed flat and dried.

5. Telescopic rod: When releasing the telescopic rod, the fixed knob on the telescopic rod should be wringed dry, pull out the telescopic rod lightly, and then lock the knob after adjusting the length. When retracting, the telescopic rod should be placed diagonally on the knob , Push the telescopic rod gently, and then pull out 2-3cm after the bottom, then gently lock the knob, it is strictly forbidden to produce the telescopic rod on the ground. Loosen the knob and retract the telescopic rod. After using the telescopic rod, wipe it clean and store it upright. . It is strictly forbidden to put on the side and press the telescopic rod.

6. When using a Window Wiper to remove cement and dirt on the glass, remove the rubber strip on the wiper and use a blade instead. When using it, prevent the blade from hurting your hands. Keep it in a cool place to avoid oil stains and sun exposure. , And do not stack other objects on the wiper to prevent the wiper from deforming.

7. Dust catcher: When using the dust catcher, pay special attention not to hurt pedestrians and damage goods. If the screws on the dust collector are loose, repair them in time.

8. Herringbone ladder: When using a herringbone ladder, the middle must be tied with a rope. When cleaning taller objects, the top of the herringbone ladder should be connected to the cleaning object to prevent the herringbone ladder from falling sideways. Wipe the herringbone ladder after use. Clean and return to the warehouse immediately.

9. Notice board: When cleaning the floor, set up a notice board to prevent the liquid medicine from harming customers, and wash the notice board after use.


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