Precautions for daily maintenance and use of mops

First, the daily maintenance of the mop:

1. Use diluted bleach to clean the mop when it has a peculiar smell.

2. After cleaning, it must be scrubbed and wringed dry and placed in a ventilated place to avoid odor.

3. To keep the home clean and hygienic, it is recommended that the mop head be thoroughly cleaned or replaced every two to three months.

4. When the mop sticks to the hair, you can use a brush to remove it or wait for it to dry before sticking it with tape.

5. Used with detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to remain.


Second, the use of the mop:

1. In order to prolong the use efficiency of the mop, it is best to remove the hair and dust before mopping the floor.

2. The direction of mopping the floor should follow the lines of the floor as much as possible, so that the dirt can be easily removed and the cleaning effect can be achieved.

3. Pay attention to the use of various types of mops, and use the right methods to improve the efficiency of mops. For example, some cotton mops need to be soaked in water after they are dry, or some electrostatic cloth mops need to be sprayed with electrostatic liquid before they can be used.

4. It is best to wash the mop with running water to clean it. If you have the habit of using floor cleaners, the dirty mop can be washed off the dirt under the faucet, and then put into a bucket with detergent to soak it. Then wring out and mopping the floor.

5. Use a mop to wipe the wooden floor. Try not to use a mop with high water content, such as a microfiber mop. It is recommended that you use a dust tray. Because the surface of the wooden floor has pores, it is easy to absorb moisture, which causes the floor to deform and become fragile and shorten the lifespan.

Be careful when washing mops, and mops of any material should be cleaned with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool, it is necessary to clean itself, and it is best to put some disinfectant water to disinfect. But not all mops can bask in the sun. Generally, mops made of ultra-fine fibers, non-woven fabrics and collodion materials should be dried. When exposed to the sun, the materials may shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect will be weakened. The cotton mop is going to be exposed to the sun, because it will shed hair and have a peculiar smell because it is wet for a long time.


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