How do I buy high-quality wet mops?

Choosing the appropriate mop for cleaning work can improve work efficiency, performance and value to the apex. The types of wet mop fibers are:

1. Cotton-effective and affordable, suitable for general floor cleaning in industry and commerce. High water absorption makes the floor dry. Easily affected by bacteria, causing yarn rot and shortening product life.

2. The wet mop has the advantages of blended fiber-high fusion efficiency and long life. The cotton fiber of the wet mop is highly absorbent, making the floor easy to return to dryness. Synthetic fibers such as rayon have extremely strong water absorption and do not require a debugging period. Other synthetic fibers such as polyester can enhance the toughness and durability of the wet mop. Certain special blended fibers are mixed with antibacterial agents to prevent premature rot of the yarn.

3. The wet mop has the characteristics of rayon-no pepper residue and grease. Mainly used for special purposes such as floor waxing. Although it has strong water absorption (it can absorb water equivalent to seven times its dry weight), rayon has a very low ability to retain water, so it is not suitable for general cleaning work.


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