Round cotton mop | The skill of choosing mop

Founded in 1992, Foshan Yijing Cleaning Products Co., LTD (formerly Guangzhou Heyi Household Cleaning Products Factory)is a professional manufacturer integrating the design,production and marketing of cleaning tools and housewares, such as mops, brooms, floor wipers, window cleaners.We provide round cotton mop. You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.
Purchase skills:
1. The handle is easy to handle and not easy to fall off and rotate.
2. The mop cloth surface has good water absorption.
3. The mop material does not drop chips.
4. The mop is easy to wring out without any effort.
5. The mop is easy to clean and does not stick to dirt.
6. Different needs to choose different functions, for example: the gap under the furniture is small, you can choose a flat mop (the mop cloth can be removed for cleaning)
7. The home space does not occupy a place for storage.


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