What problems should be paid attention to when buying a new mop?

1. For the newly bought rubber cotton mop, if the mop is equipped with a soft mop head, just tear off the bag on the mop head. Then, rinse it with tap water several times and you can use it directly. (Note: The odorous mop must be replaced or left for a period of time until the odor fades before using it)

2. If the newly-purchased mop is equipped with a hardware rubber head, similarly, tear off the transparent shrink film on the rubber head, and then soak the whole mop head in water, and cover the rubber head with water. After a minute or two, the mop head becomes soft and can be used after squeezing out the water. (Note, if the quality of the rubber cotton head you buy is not very good, the soaking time should be longer. No matter how long the soaking time, you have to wait for the mop head to become soft before using it)


3. After mopping the floor, clean the newly bought collodion mop and put it in the bathroom, in a cool place, and do not put it on the balcony in order to avoid premature aging of the colloid mop. Shorten its service life.

4. When using the newly purchased cotton mop, pull out the handle on the pole by hand to see if it is firm. If it is not firm, tap it tightly. Because in the process of using, if the handle falls out, the round mouth of stainless steel or iron rod is very sharp, and it is easy to scratch the palm during mopping.

5. If the handle of the newly bought cotton mop is not firm, it is best not to let children play with it, so as not to hurt the child's hand with the pole.

Before using the mop, carefully read the instructions on the color card of the upper packaging. In order to avoid improper use and cause trouble, please take a minute or two to read the instructions. It is beneficial and harmless.


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