What are the mop materials? How to clean the mop?

When cleaning at home, we will use mops for cleaning. There are many mops materials, and different materials have different effects. However, the mops still need to be cleaned regularly. The following briefly introduces the mop materials and cleaning method.

1. Rubber cotton.

The mop head is made of colloidal cotton. It has good water absorption. It can be cleaned without soaking before use. It can be cleaned by the principle of static electricity generated by friction. It can effectively absorb dust and hair. It is cheap and easy to replace. Very simple, but this material is not easy to clean the position of narrow gaps.

2. Cotton.

Cotton mop heads are the most common, often used to mop wooden floors, but due to material problems, mopping the floor will leave a lot of marks after being wet, and the cotton slivers often stick to some debris, which is more difficult to clean up. When using cotton mops It is best to clean the ground first.

3. Fiber.

Fiber mop heads are more expensive. The principle of friction static electricity can be used for cleaning, which can reduce the wear on the ground. It can also be used to polish some items, but it needs to be cleaned in a specific way when cleaning, otherwise it will be easy Reduce service life.

After each use of the mop, be sure to clean the mop head in time, because there will be debris on the mop, and if it is not cleaned in time, it may produce peculiar smell if it is stored all the time. Wring dry after scrubbing, and then put it in a ventilated place for air drying to avoid odor.

The mop may have a little peculiar smell after being used for a period of time. At this time, we can prepare an appropriate amount of bleach, and then add an appropriate amount of water to dilute, put it in the mop head for cleaning, and then air dry naturally after cleaning to remove the peculiar smell.

Some mop heads are easy to stick to the hair. When scrubbing, you can use a special brush to brush the hair down, and then clean it. In addition, you can also wait for the mop to dry and stick it clean with tape to avoid the hair falling to the ground when the mop is used again.

For mops of different materials, you should choose the corresponding cleaning methods to improve efficiency. For example, mops made of rubber cotton can only be used after the mop head is soaked and softened. Mops with static dot cloth need to be sprayed with electrostatic liquid before use. , The correct use method can not only improve work efficiency, but also extend the service life.

In the process of mopping the floor with a mop, if we want to ensure the best cleaning effect, we can mop the floor along the floor texture, so that it is easier to remove the dirt on the floor, so as to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Before using a mop for cleaning, it is best to use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust and debris on the ground, and then use the mop to mop the floor. This can effectively increase the life of the mop and prevent dust from accumulating on the mop. , Produce peculiar smell.


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