How to use twisiting mop correctly at home

Now every house has twisiting mop. When the ground is contaminated with dust, it must be cleaned in time. The use of a mop is also a method. If you use the wrong method, you cannot clean the ground. The following editor teaches you how to use twisiting mop correctly.

First, dry mopping: If there are many water marks on the ground, you can generally use dry mopping to wipe off the water marks on the ground.

Second, semi-dry mop: If you want to remove dust from the ground and don't want to leave water marks, you can wipe the ground with a semi-wet and semi-dry twisiting mop.

Third, water mopping: If there is more dirt on the ground, you can mop the ground after soaking it. If there are water marks on the ground, the ground should be dragged dry.

Fourth, add detergent to mop: For floor grease, you need to mop the floor with detergent and then rinse with water to remove residual detergent.

Fifth, push dust: dust push is a special mopping, in order to enhance the ability to attach dust, you can add dust push oil on the dust push screen. The application of dust push is simple and labor-saving, which can achieve the effect of dust removal and cleaning.


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