Various mop head replacement methods

The current mop is not like a traditional mop and needs to be thrown away after use. The current mop can directly replace the mop head, which is very convenient. How to change the mop head? Here is an introduction to the various mop head replacement methods.

How to change the sponge mop head?

The double-folding patch type sponge mop is mainly made of two ABS plastic sheets attached to the bottom of the cotton head. When removing the cotton head, you only need to hold the middle of the cotton head with your right hand, and gently push it back to remove the cotton head. , When installing the cotton head, you only need to insert the four feet on the patch into the card slot at the bottom of the cotton mop, which is very simple and fast.

How to change the roller sponge mop head?

The roller squeezing cotton head usually has four screw holes, and the pitch of the four screw holes basically has a certain size. Ordinary cotton heads of the same length can be used on different mops. The function of the four screw holes is that the screws connect the left and right hooks of the mop with the cotton head through the screw holes, and the replacement and installation of the mop head only need to unscrew or install the screws.

How to change the rotating mop head?

Step on the cloth disc first, preferably close to the edge of the mop disc. Then turn the mop rod to make the screw mark to the foot position, and tilt it toward the reverse mark, that is, it can be separated from the cloth pan. If you fail to align the screws, you can't separate them from the cloth pan. Place the new cloth pan on the ground and align the mop head disc with the cloth pan. Finally, press the cloth pan down and make a close sound.


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