How to clean a dirty mop head?

When it comes to mops, everyone is no stranger, right? Because these are the daily necessities that are often used in daily life, and don’t underestimate it, it is still very useful, because if you want to make your home clean, you have to use it to help, it will make the air at home Become a whole new look. If the mop is used at home for a long time, it will be particularly dirty, and it will emit a particularly unpleasant smell, then there are many coups to make the mop head clean. Presumably many people are still worrying about the dirty mop head. Let me teach you some coups and see if you think of it. Let's find out!

1. Tea

It contains a lot of adsorption, so it can also effectively remove some odors. In daily life, you can pour the rest of the tea you usually drink into the cleaning mop, and let the mop soak in the water for several hours. At the same time, in the process of soaking, it is necessary to wash it back and forth continuously. After washing, the moisture of the mop should be controlled dry. It is best to put it in the sun to fill it.


You can pour some lemonade into the mopping bucket, put the mop in the bucket, and at the same time soak it for a longer time, and finally clean it and place it in a place that can be exposed to the sun. This effect is very effective. It is good, it can remove some of the peculiar smell of the mop very well, and it also emits the scent of lemon when mopping the floor, so as to relieve the air in the home.

3. Bleach

You can use the cap of the bleach bottle as a container. You can properly pour it into the mop to be cleaned into the container. At this time, you can also add some hand soap or washing powder, and then put the mop in the water for 20 minutes. , Repeatedly wash the mop several times with clean water, dry it and you can continue to use it. And this method is also used by many people in daily life.


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