How to choose a good twisiting mop and maintain the twisiting mop?

Several principles for choosing twisiting mop

The handle is easy to handle and it is not easy to fall off and turn. The water absorption of the twisiting mop cloth surface is better. The material of the twisiting mop does not shed swarf. The mop is easy to wring out and it does not consume any effort. The mop is easy to remove dirt and clean without dirt. Choose different functions. The home space cannot be stored or occupied. When the space area is small, choose a good wife whirlwind tow with the mopping function at the same time.

Maintenance of twisiting mop:

      1. After using the twisiting mop, be sure to scrub it clean and wring it dry and place it in a ventilated place to avoid odor and odor.

      2. When the twisiting mop has a peculiar smell, use diluted bleach to clean the twisiting mop.

      3. When the twisiting mop sticks to the hair, you can use a brush to help clear it or wait for it to dry before sticking it with tape.

      4. The fabric twisiting mop with finer material is less suitable for heavy grease stains. It is not economical and easy to wear and tear.

      5. To keep the home clean and hygienic, twisiting mop head is recommended to be replaced every to three months.

      6. Use with detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will be easy to remain, affecting the service life of the twisiting mop


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