Household Cleaning Tools: Tips for Cleaning Floors

Keeping floors clean is crucial, and a clean and hygienic home environment makes life better and is also good for our health.


Choosing the Right Mop

As with most tasks, you need to choose the right equipment before you start cleaning. In fact, there are many different types of mops, such as cotton floor mops, flat mops, rotary mops, microfiber cleaning mops, and more. When it comes to mops, there's no one right answer, and each one is designed for a specific job.


How Often Should You Clean?

How often you need to clean your floors depends on individual needs. Simply put, you should mop when the floor looks dirty. For small households, this might be every other week; for families with children and pets, it might be weekly or more.


Steps for Cleaning Floors


Sweep floors before mopping

Removing all dirt and loose particles from the floor will not only make mopping easier, but it will keep sewage from getting clogged with debris.


Submerge the Mop Head Completely

If the mop head is dry when you start mopping, you will need to fully immerse the mop head in water for maximum coverage. When you're mopping, it's better to use warm water, which loosens the grime on the floor so you don't have to go over the same area multiple times.


Divide the Floor into Parts

Divide the floor into sections and do multiple cleanings until you think it's clean. Ideally, you should only wipe each section three to four times at most, allowing the cleaner to do its job and wipe away the dirt. When completing a section, twist the mop well and change the water if necessary.


Clean Your Mop

Your mop harbors a lot of bacteria. Thoroughly rinse the mop head with a vinegar/water solution after each use to maximize the life of the mop head and prevent the spread of germs. Position the mop over the mop bucket so excess water has a chance to drain from the mop.


Rinse and Clean the Bucket

Buckets can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. When you're done mopping, instead of putting the bucket in the closet, clean it with a vinegar/water solution and dry it thoroughly.


Where to Buy Floor Cleaning Mops for Your Cleaning?

Keeping your floors clean and safe isn't complicated or difficult. Knowing what mop heads and other equipment you need will go a long way towards making your job easier.

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