How to choose a high-quality Sponge Mop?

There are many kinds of mops in the supermarket. Once you have a lot of options, you will inevitably be undecided. My home has a tiled floor. If the mop does not absorb water well, the floor will be wet after mopping. It will not be easy to walk if it is not blown dry. Not only is it easy to slip, but it is also easy to get foot prints everywhere. Therefore, I have also bought and used many kinds of mops. The following briefly introduces how to choose a Sponge Mop.

1) Ordinary cotton thread and cotton cloth mop: This is the most traditional mop, and the price is cheap. Cotton material prefers to be dry. More precisely, it can show its advantages when used on cement floors. Once the cotton mop is damp, the hair attached to it is difficult to clean off. After wiping it, wipe another place, there will be marks, and the black marks will not be wiped clean. The debris sticks to the mop, it is brought to the ground as soon as it is mopped, and then it has to be swept. Therefore, cotton mops should be mopped as dry as possible. And before mopping the floor, it is best to clean up the hair on the floor or use a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to twist the water by hand when washing it.

sponge mop

2) Microfiber mop: The price of the microfiber mop is more expensive. Due to the special technology, the flat mop can touch the ground vertically, which changes the shortcoming of the parallel contact between the cotton thread and the ground. Due to the "close contact" with the ground, friction generates static electricity, which can more thoroughly remove the dirt in the gap, wipe the ground with almost no wear, and can also be used for polishing and waxing. But I always think that this kind of mop should be more suitable for wooden floors.

3) The collodion mop has strong water absorption. It does not need to sweep the floor before mopping. It forms static electricity through air convection and friction. It can suck dust, sand and hair without hurting the ground. When using, the hands do not need to be touched with water and dirt, which is simple and clean. Especially the mop that replaces the rubber cotton head is economical and affordable. In fact, mops of any material must be cleaned with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool, it is necessary to clean itself, and it is best to put some disinfectant water for disinfection. But not all mops can bask in the sun. Generally, mops made of ultra-fine fibers, non-woven fabrics and collodion materials should be dried. When exposed to the sun, the materials will shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect will be weakened. The sponge mop is about to get out of the sun, because the mop will shed hair and have a peculiar smell because it is wet for a long time. Also, try not to stack mops on the ground. Flat mops should be dragged with their heads up, while thin mops should be hung in the air to let the mops breathe fresh air. Everyone knows that the trendy mop is best for mopping the floor. If you do not use a sponge mop, if you are afraid of sprinkling water on the dry mop, the amount of water is always poor, you can spray the mop with a watering can, so that the mop is not dry or wet is just right. After mopping, wipe and dry while you are done. No watermark yet. If possible, you can configure two mops according to your needs, one flat dry mop and one thin strip wet mop, and the mop head should be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees to remove dead spots. When choosing a mop, it depends on whether there is a mop head with the same product. If it is not a similar product, it may not be installed.


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