What Are the Different Types of Cleaning Mop Heads?

The cleaning mop head is a part of the mop of the cleaning appliance. It is made of cotton, collodion, or other fiber materials. It forms a mop together with the mop rod, which is mainly used for cleaning the ground and floor.


Which Cleaning Mop Heads Can You Choose?

According to the material, the mop head can be divided into:


1. Cotton Mop Head

Cotton material can show its advantages when used on wooden floors. Once the cotton mop is wet, the hair attached to it is difficult to remove. A cotton mop head is recommended for dry mopping, and it's a good idea to sweep or vacuum the hairs on the floor before mopping.


2. Fiber Mop Head

Due to the special process used, the price of the cleaning microfiber mop is relatively expensive. The flat surface of the microfiber mop is great for picking up larger debris. The flat mop head can contact the ground vertically, and the friction generates static electricity, so it can more thoroughly remove the dirt in the gap. The microfiber cleaning mop heads clean the ground with almost no wear, and some fiber mop heads can also be used for polishing and waxing.


3. Synthetic Mop Head

Made from man-made materials, these mops are one of the most durable and efficient types of mop heads. They're easier to clean and more resistant to mold, making them a great choice for a variety of fast-paced food service, healthcare, and retail establishments.


4. Polyester Cotton Blend Mop

Polyester and cotton blends are specially formulated to provide optimal commercial cleaning results. While they may not always be machine washable, they are often more durable than cotton.


5. Rayon Mop

The rayon mop resists damp, musty smells. These mop heads are affordable and one of the best mop heads for floor disinfection and waxing or other floor finishes.

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While the mop head acts as a cleaning tool, the mop head of any material also needs to be cleaned. It's worth noting that not all mops are sun-drying. Generally, mops made of microfiber, non-woven, and collodion materials are not recommended to be exposed to the sun. This is because the material may shrink and deform after exposure, and the adsorption effect will be weakened accordingly.


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