Cost-effective Household Cleaning Tools in 2022

A clean and hygienic home environment makes life better and is good for our health.
But home cleaning is a headache that many people have to face, and choosing the right household cleaning tools can definitely make the job easier.

We all know about the common household cleaning tools such as brooms and mops. Do you know any others?
This article gives you a list of useful household cleaning tools that can help us do a better job of cleaning your houses.


1. Brooms & Dustpans

The broom dustpan is undoubtedly a common household cleaning tool, playing a role in sweeping away dust and debris.

Today's sweeping brooms are sensible and user-friendly, with the design of the broom taking more into account hygiene corners. As sweeping tends to stick to hair, dustpans with flowing combs are also becoming more popular.

You can choose household broom and dustpan sets for better storage after cleaning.

long handle broom and dustpan sets


2. Floor Cleaning Mop

Dust mops are mainly used to mop up dirt and water from floors. Nowadays mops are becoming more and more versatile.  Common types of floor mops are eco-friendly cotton mops, microfiber cleaning mops, cotton twist mops, floor wet mops, and many more.

Choosing the right squeegee mop will allow you to clean your floors better and will reduce your fatigue when cleaning them.
Eco-friendly Cotton Mop


3. Floor Squeegee Wipers

There are many floor squeegee with handles on the market, and floor squeegees are made of different materials to produce different cleaning results.

The floor and window squeegees need to be used regularly and to protect your floor, please remember to choose a flexible floor squeegee(such as rubber floor squeegee, silicone floor wiper squeegee).

cleaning floor wiper


4. Floor & Window Scrapers

A floor & window scraper is a tool with a small handle and a metal or plastic blade that can be used to scrape a surface clean.

The scraper is the perfect tool for scraping away debris from the surface of objects such as glass, cookers, kitchen countertops, granite, ceramic surfaces, and car windscreens in order to keep flat surfaces neat and clean.
Floor & Window Scrapers



5. Window Washing Squeegees

Window squeegee with handles is more convenient and handy than cleaning windows directly with a rag, and you can clean higher windows up.

EZI produces a microfiber squeegee consisting of a microfibre cloth, a softer rubber squeegee blade, and a stainless steel rod. The long handle window squeegees are freely adjustable, making cleaning quick, easy and comfortable.

window washing squeegees


6. Toilet Brush & Toilet Plunger

The toilet brush cleans the toilet in time and removes stains from the surface of the toilet to avoid residue.
The toilet plunger with plastic stick is designed to compress the toilet and drain at any angle to release blockages in the pipes.

Toilet Plunger


7. Other Household Cleaning Tools

In addition to the cleaning tools mentioned above, there are of course many other ways to help you clean your house better.
For example, hoovers, chicken dusters and cleaning solutions (detergent, toilet cleaner, lemonade, etc.) are all good helpers when you are cleaning.



It is essential to living in a clean environment, please don't avoid cleaning.
EZI is a professional cleaning tools manufacturer (industrial, household cleaning tools), contact EZI for more details on cleaning appliances and make cleaning less intimidating.



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