What Do You Know About Cleaning Mop Precautions?

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more varieties of cleaning mops on the market.

Dust mops can be classified according to material, mop head, function, and usage scenario.

The mops commonly used in daily life are cotton mops, microfiber mops, wet mops, flat mops & lobby mops, twisting mops, PVA magic mops, and so on.


What do you need to consider when choosing a mop?

Every family is different and everyone has different preferences, what suits you is the best.

In short, each floor cleaning mop has its own characteristics and there are 6 different types of popular cleaning mops that you can go for according to the applicable situation.

1. The mop is easy to wring out the moisture.
2. The material of the mop head has good water absorption performance.
3. The mop material does not adhere to dirt, which is conducive to cleaning the mop.
4. The mop does not shed debris and avoids secondary cleaning.
5. Choosing a mop that does not take up a lot of space for storage.
6. The handle of the mop is easy to pick up and put down, and it is not easy to rotate and fall off.
7. According to your needs to choose the best floor mop. (For example, you can choose a flat mop to clean the gaps in the furniture)


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How to handle the mop properly?

1. The mop must be cleaned in time after use.
2. Wrung out and placed in a ventilated place to avoid odors and bacteria.
3. With the use of floor cleaner (note that the right amount, otherwise it will affect the life of the mop.)
4. When there is hair on the mop, you can use a brush to help remove it or use tape to remove it when it is dry.
5. In order to keep the home clean and hygienic, the mop head is recommended to replace every two to three months.


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Daily precautions for using the mop

We all know that the mop is one of the essential cleaning tools in our daily life, so how much do you know about the things to note about the mop?

1. Before mopping, it is recommended to sweep out the hair, dust, and other debris first, which will help to clean the floor better and extend the life of the mop.

2. Pay attention to the use of different types of mops, use the right method to improve the efficiency of mop use.

3. Use the mop to wipe the wood floor, try not to use the high water content of the mop (easy to cause the floor deformation fragile, shorten the life)

4. The dust mop is one of the cleaning utensils that are prone to dirt and should be cleaned promptly after using the mop.

5. Don't leave mops in a wet environment for a long time. When they are in a humid environment for a long time, bacteria will grow quickly.

6. Whether the mop head is cotton, or microfiber, not thoroughly cleaned and dried, it is easy to breed harmful substances.

7. It is recommended that after each use of the floor mops, wash it carefully with water, wring it out and dry it.

8. It is best to put your mop into a well-lit place, a full UV light for physical sterilization; if there is no balcony, or inconvenient to dry, it is also best to move to a dry and ventilated place first.  


The cleaning mop is usually used for cleaning, but we all tend to ignore that the mop itself also needs to be constantly cleaned. Proper and correct use of the mop can make the most of its function and extend its life.

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