Household Mop Stick are healthier when stored after use.

No matter which Household Mop Stick is used, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms after repeated use and long-term exposure to a cool and humid environment. After the mop at home is used up, put it directly in the bathroom without wringing it out or hanging it up. In this case, bacteria can easily breed. What is the correct way?

1. No matter what kind of Household Mop Stick, it must be washed after use. The mop is used to clean up the dust. After cleaning, the inside of your mop is full of dust. If it is not cleaned in time, the dust will penetrate into the mop over time. After mopping, the mop is covered with dust, which contains bacteria and even germs. Only by cleaning it in time can you maintain health and safety.

Household Mop Stick

2. Be sure to wring out the water after cleaning the Household Mop Stick. If you don't wring it out, the water droplets will fall on the floor drop by drop, with water marks everywhere. In addition, dampness can easily breed bacteria and germs, so remember to wring out the water.

3. Hang up the wrung out Household Mop Stick and put it in a ventilated and sunny place, balcony. Hanging it up helps the mop to dry and reduce the growth of bacteria. Ventilation and sunlight can better kill bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to put a mop rack on the balcony, or install a mop rack.

Good storage is not only beautiful and convenient, but also healthy and safe.


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