Can the wooden floor be mopped with a wet mop? Wood floor mop

Wood flooring has always been popular in home decoration. We all know that wood flooring has a good foot feel, is environmentally friendly and comfortable, and has better effects than ceramic tiles.
But its disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain, so what method is used to maintain the wooden floor? Can I mop with a wet mop? Wooden floor mop

1. It is best not to mop the wooden floor with a moist mop, especially laminate flooring, because this kind of board is made of man-made boards with wood remnants, etc., and adhesives will be added during the processing. If you use it A wet mop mopping the floor easily absorbs water and swells, which will eventually cause the wooden floor to warp and fall off.

2. It is better not to mop the floor with a wet mop, because the wooden floor is afraid of water. Too much moisture on the ground can easily be sucked into the wooden floor, which will affect the joints of the floor gaps, and eventually cause the wooden floor to expand and surface deformation. Foaming, even warping

3. Therefore, if the home is covered with wooden floors, it is better to use a steam mop, because the steam mop uses steam to clean and sterilize the ground. It can quickly evaporate the water vapor generated on the ground and prevent the wooden floor from swelling due to water. The floor plays a protective role!

4. If there are a lot of stains on the surface of the wooden floor, such as oil stains, beverages and other floor stains, which cannot be cleaned with a dry mop, you can use a rag to soak the rice water, wring it out, and then wipe it again, so that the wooden floor will be wiped out. It's very clean.
Precautions for maintaining wooden floors

1. Place heavy objects

The surface of the wooden floor must not be squeezed by heavy objects. For example, heavy objects such as pianos or sharp furniture must be padded and cannot be placed directly on the surface of the wooden floor.

2. Keep it clean
Always pay attention to keeping the floor clean and clean, and often use a vacuum cleaner to suck away dust and small debris, especially hard particles, otherwise it will be easy to scratch the wood when walking.

3. Pay attention to humidification
The wooden floor can neither be too humid nor too dry, so it is best to add some humidity to the room in the dry season, such as putting a basin of water in the room, or buying a humidifier for humidification to avoid cracking of the wooden floor. And it is best to close doors and windows during the rainy season to avoid moisture on the floor.

4. Waxing regularly
The most important maintenance method for wooden floors is to wax regularly. If possible, it is best to wax every once in a while, so that the floor will look radiant and beautiful. Of course, you can also ask a special waxing company to help, and the effect will be better. 


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