6 Best Types Cleaning Mops for Your Floors

The Emergence of the Mops

The first thing to scrub the floor should be a rag. The cleaning mop is derived from a rag.

As the living environment changes, when the ground that needs to be cleaned has also changed from soil to smooth wood and stone slabs, the need for scrubbing arises.

Scrubbing with a rag will make the floor clean, but this will make you tired. The problem is the source of inspiration. People want to mop the floor more easily, so the dust mop appears.

Nowadays, the functions of the mop are constantly being expanded, and the auxiliary devices are also emerging endlessly, showing a situation where a hundred flowers bloom.


6 Different Types of Floor Cleaning Mops You Need to Know

The materials used in mops are also becoming more widely used. From the early cotton mops, non-woven mops and microfiber mops have been developed.


Cotton Mops

The cotton mop supports both wet and dry use, can be refilled, has strong water absorption, and is easy to clean.

Wooden rods, iron rods, aluminum rods, and stainless steel rods can all be used with the mop head.

There are many kinds of plastic parts, you can choose your favorite cotton yarn to match the plastic parts.


Microfiber Mops

The unique properties of microfiber make it able to remove stubborn dirt and abrasion marks, which is very suitable for outdoor and indoor cleaning.

The microfiber mop is made of soft microfiber that will not scratch the floor.  The floor can be cleaned by a microfiber floor mop quickly and easily without the use of chemicals.


Wet Mops

The mop head of the wet mop is made of cotton and nylon Oxford cloth. Through sewing, the cotton yarn is secured by a nylon headband.

The wet mop head can be disassembled and replaced, which is economical and affordable. The wet mop is especially suitable for the cleaning of public places such as shopping malls, hospitals, airports, etc.


Flat Mops & Lobby Mops

The flat mop and lobby mop are labor-saving and time-saving and are good helpers for floor cleaning.

Flat mops and lobby mops are very suitable for cleaning large areas and are widely used in airports, railway stations, shopping malls, and other places.


Color Cotton Flat Mop Set


Twisting Mops

The handle of the twisting mop rotary joint design allows you to easily twist and squeeze the water, keeping you away from dirty water.

The unique properties of microfiber enable it to remove stubborn dirt and abrasion marks. Twisting mops are suitable for various surfaces, such as wooden floors, tiles, and marble.


PVA Magic Mops

The PVA magic mop uses a lever to operate the sponge tip wringer, so you can prevent your hands from getting wet.

The PVA magic mop is super absorbent. It can actually clean, not just move dirt and grime.




There are more and more types of mops, and their functions become more complete. Choosing the right mop can clean your floor better and can reduce your fatigue while cleaning your floor.

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